Virtual Venues

Virtual Exhibition Halls

The lockdown might have slowed down the visits to Art Centres, but options for online exhibitions have opened up. There are many talented Artists and Painters with disabilities who are looking for venues for exhibiting their artworks. Possiabilities is creating space for such talented artists to exhibit their Arts and Paintings virtually.

The sessions would either feature one artist for a slot , or would feature multiple artists during fixed slots. Sessions can be interactive , real time or just displayed.

The works on display would be only from Persons with Disability. Possiabilities would assist the persons to display the products , and also help them to promote, market and sell the products online.

Virtual Classrooms

Persons with Disability who have a knowledge which can be taught, would be able to use these Classrooms to teach online. These would be open for anyone interested in learning a skill.

There will also be sessions designed only for persons with disabilities. Here the tutors could be anyone from the Public, Institutions or Corporate Offices.

The training will focus more on skills which could possibly create opportunities for revenue making, but will also focus on skills which could help one to take up a hobby or explore their talents.

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