1. To create a platform where individuals, who are challenged with disabilities, can narrate their stories and share their experiences first-hand and in turn inspire and motivate the others.
  2. To establish a marketplace for products and services from and for this sector.

  3. To form a networking and development hub for challenged individuals with virtual classrooms, webinars and counselling.

  4. To create a professional network where people can get information on job openings, internships; and professional career counselling.


To promote an inclusive (virtual) environment where differently-abled people share their achievements and their experiences on the path of achieving their goals; and get access to a network which hosts exchange of products and services related to this sector.

Founder's Note

This platform was created to exhibit the efforts of every individual who faces challenges and instil hope among the others to carry on with their endeavours.

There are many products and services generated by people with disabilities, as well as there is a demand for products specific to the needs of this sector. We aim to connect these segments and make sure the right product reaches the right destination. We also intend to work towards engaging NGOs, Self-Help groups and corporates to promote these initiatives to foster an inclusive society as a whole.

We aim to have an inclusive platform which will have virtual exhibition venue where items like arts and paintings can be displayed , and virtual class rooms where online classes can take place.

We aim to make this platform as a single point where any individual can get information related to products or services related to the disability segment. Possiablities aims to be a leading platform to function as a Market place for Products and Services from and for persons with disabilities. Its mission would be to generate livelihood and earning means for talented persons to list and sell their products in the market place , and also to use the virtual platform for conducting training programs. Possiabilities will also be a having a virtual exhibtion center where Companies and Individuals can exhibit their Arts, Paintings and Products.  Manufacturers and Sellers of Products useful for this segment will also get to share information and sell on this platform. Mission would be to include all products and services related to Assistive Technology and Assistive Devices useful for this segment. Possiabilities would be a platform where product details and reviews will be shared.

Any interested visitor connected with the Disability segment can find useful information for their everyday life or work: end-users of assistive technology and devices.  Possiabilities would aim at and cater to people with disabilities and their families; professionals in health and social services; manufacturers and suppliers of assistive products; researchers and technicians; policy-makers and public agencies involved in assistive technology and products.

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